Is it starting to feel like it’s going to be impossible for you to sell your home?

It can be difficult to sell property fast, especially when your local real estate market is saturated with homes. Even homes located in great markets aren’t selling as quickly as they used to.

OKYou need to make your home stand out! And you don’t necessarily need to have the best or most attractive house on your block to do it.

If your goal is to sell property fast, you need to think creatively. Take a look at 5 creative ideas for selling a property quickly, no matter what market you’re in.

1. Offer a Reward to Your Social Media Friends

If you’re not already letting your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends know your house is on the market, what are you waiting for? You obviously don’t want to promote your house too much on social media, since you’ll eventually start to annoy your friends. But you should let people know you’re selling, just in case anyone might be interested.

You should also consider offering a reward to your online buddies if they’re able to help you land a buyer. Tell them you’ll pay them a certain amount of money or give them a gift card if they “share” a post about your home that results in a sale.

You will be surprised by how many people will hit the share button simply to give themselves a chance to land an unexpected payday.

2. Host a Themed Open House

Are you finding that traditional open houses just aren’t working for your home? It’s time to take it to the next level if you want to sell property fast.

A themed open house will attract more interest than a regular one will. So try:

  • Rolling out the red carpet outside of your home and making potential home buyers feel like stars as they walk up to your front door
  • Throwing burgers on the grill and turning your open house into a neighborhood BBQ that will show home buyers how amazing all your neighbors are
  • Renting a food truck and handing out meal tickets to anyone who takes a tour of your home

It’s not always easy to make your open house stand out, but you can do it when you get creative.

3. Turn the Home Sale Process Into a Reality Show

People love watching reality-based HGTV shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and Fixer Upper. Why not take advantage of it and turn your home sale into a reality show?

You can use Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or Snapchat to detail what you’re doing to your home as you work to sell it. People will enjoy following along with your adventures.

4. Throw in a Bonus Gift With Your House

There’s nothing people love more than feeling like they got something for free in a deal. So how about this? When you put your home on the market, let everyone know that your big-screen TV, your pool table, or even your car comes along with it.

You would be surprised how many people will think twice about buying something — even something as expensive as a house –when there’s a freebie that comes with it.

What do you have of value that you wouldn’t mind giving up if it meant you could sell property fast?

5. Rent a Billboard Near Your Home

Drastic times call for drastic measures. If you’re not getting any bites on your home and you’re struggling to market it, put your address on a billboard and watch how many people come and drive by out of curiosity.

Sell Your Property Fast Now

While it’s impossible to guarantee you will sell your home by using any of these techniques, it couldn’t hurt to try them. They will generate more interest in your home than you would otherwise.

For more tips on how to improve your chances of selling your home quickly, visit our blog and find other creative ways to attract serious home buyers.