Everything becomes more difficult with kids, especially selling your home. If you have a property for sale, here’s how to sell it when you’re busy with kids.

Everything becomes more difficult with kids, especially selling your home. If you have a property for sale, here’s how to sell it when you’re busy with kids.

Preparing Your Property for Sale

After making the decision to list your property for sale, it’s smart to start off with a family meeting. We recommend suggesting a two-week deadline for getting the house ready for listing.

This means that you’ll have a lot of tasks to complete before your home is ready for sale. If your children are old enough, this can be a great time to tell them what kind of help you’ll be needing from them. This can include making their bed every morning, keeping bikes and gaming consoles tucked away, and sorting any unneeded clutter in their room.

This can be a great time to make a game plan with your spouse regarding the tasks you’ll need to split up. Start with a list of the things you’ll need to tackle first. This can include securing a storage unit, purchasing storage containers, and creating a staging plan for your home.

You’ll also want to do a walk-through of your home together. Be sure to bring a notepad with you! This is an excellent time to take note of any repairs that will need to be done. If may also be wise to discuss painting your child’s bedroom a neutral color.

Once you have established a game plan, it’s time to start clearing out clutter, getting rid of the all the things you don’t need, and putting all the things you don’t need right now in storage.

Take the Stress Out of Showing Your Home

When selecting a real estate agent, it’s important to find someone you feel is understanding of your needs. You should be sure to discuss any concerns you may have and how quickly you need to sell.

It’s important that you discuss the amount of time you think you’ll need before each showing. This can’t always be guaranteed, but it’s important to establish a standard for the amount of time you think you’ll need each time.

We recommend aiming for a two-hour head start to get things tidied up and get the kids out the door. It’s helpful to create a checklist to help you get the house ready once a showing has been booked.

If your children are young, it can be wise to keep them occupied with an iPad or movie while you get things sorted. Older children can be expected to help. Keep an extra copy of your checklist handy and be prepared to delegate a few of the tasks to them.

Prepare for Plan B

We recommend keeping one empty storage container in your garage. This container should have a lid and handles so it’s easy to pick up in a rush. In the event that your two-hour notice can’t be accommodated, you can use this bin to collect clutter.

This clutter bin can be stored neatly in your garage or the back of the car. This can be perfect for cleaning up unfolded laundry, toys, or other items that may get in the way.

Putting your property up for sale can be stressful, but the sooner you can get it sold, the sooner the process will be over. This means doing your best to accommodate showings even when it isn’t the most convenient time. Planning ahead can help you get a step ahead of the stress and get your property sold!

Moving Day: Lead by Example

Once your home has sold, it’s time to prepare for the move. This can often be the hardest stage of the process for children. Many children will be upset when faced with the reality of change, especially when that means a new school or state.

The best way to help kids prepare for a big move it through leadership. Remember to stay positive before your move and remind your kids of all the good things they can look forward to. Find things you can both get excited about.

If you find yourself struggling for ideas, you can research local activities, skating rinks, sports teams, or nearby theme parks. Giving them something to look forward to may help take the sting out of leaving an area they’re familiar with.

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