If the real estate market in your area is hot, you can get away with fewer repairs before selling your home. In our experience, sellers sink too much into their homes preparing them for sale.

A lot of people spend money on repairs most buyers would not easily notice. This can be unnecessary and costly.

Deciding to sell your house as-is doesn’t excuse you from disclosing known defects, nor will it shield you from liabilities for misrepresenting the condition of your property.

Rather than pouring tons of money into unnecessary renovations, considering doing nothing at all and see if you get any bites.

No Home Repair Budget? Sell Your House As-Is

Repairs can be stressful and costly when trying to get your home ready to sell. See why you should sell your house as-is instead and save yourself money.

Understand What Absolutely Has to be Done

Smart sellers will weigh the cost of proposed home improvements against the current market value. Before deciding to make specific repairs, visit other listed homes in the area and note things that are defective, broken, or worn out, and compare these homes to yours.

Remember that renovations made to kitchens and baths carry the highest return.

Keep the House as Clean and Neat as Possible

If you plan to sell your house as-is, be sure to keep clutter to a minimum. Even if it’s a bit battered in a few places, you should keep it as orderly and clean as possible. Keep the lawn mowed, beds made, and dishes put away. You’ll be amazed at the impression cleanliness makes on potential buyers.

Pre-Listing Inspection/Get Estimates

Consider getting a pre-listing inspection. It’s in your best interest to learn your home’s true condition. Once you have assessed the property’s true condition, it’s a good idea to obtain estimates from a contractor you trust regarding potential repair costs.


While you want to sell your house as-is, making a few renovations might help you sell it faster. If the buyer has too many major concerns, such as with the plumbing or a leaky roof, those things could be dealbreakers.

Be Upfront

We suggest being upfront with inspection reports. This will build trust with the buyers. Also, make it clear in the listing and all marketing materials that the home is being sold in as-is condition. Buyers may still want to negotiate, so be prepared to account for all the items that need fixing.

Only Spend What You Have To

Selling a home can be hard work, especially if you repaint the exterior to increase curb appeal, or make renovations to update your kitchen, etc. While home inspections and appraisals might keep you from selling your house “as-is”, there are plenty of ways you can keep repair costs to a minimum.

Keep in mind that the phrase “as-is” tends to set off alarm bells with buyers, but don’t let that discourage you from saving money where repairs are unnecessary.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding how to sell your home.