In 2017, the average house stayed on the market for roughly 45 days before being sold. While that number is certainly nothing to scoff at, it may not be quite fast enough for you.

And although there are plenty of tips out there about how to speed up the process of buying a home, there are far fewer when it comes to how to sell as home quickly.

There are countless reasons why you may need to find qualified home buyers ASAP. Perhaps you’ve finally been offered your dream job in another city, and the start date is sooner than you’d anticipated.

Or perhaps you need to sell quickly because of unexpected financial issues.

Whatever the reason, you need to think outside of the box in order to find home buyers that are ready to purchase as soon as your home hits the market — or even sooner.

So, how can you attract these buyers?

Read on to find out.

1. Do A Raffle

We told you that, when it comes to finding qualified home buyers quickly, you’re going to have to think on your feet and in a creative way.

One of the most effective (and frankly, the most fun) ways to unload your property without losing your shirt?

Creating a raffle drawing, with the prize being your home.

We know what you’re thinking: How in the world do you expect me to make a profit by selling a few raffle tickets to interested home buyers?

It’s all about how you price the tickets, and how you market the raffle itself. And if you think it sounds like a joke, you might be surprised at just how many people have done it successfully.

First, determine the current value of your home. Then, figure out the price per raffle ticket and the number of those tickets you’ll need to sell to either make a profit or earn back what you put into the house.

Then, it’s time to start marketing your raffle.

Spread the word on social media, and be sure to include 360-degree pictures of your home’s interior and exterior.

Create in-person events to increase buzz surrounding your home. Offer personalized tours, and at the end, lead your potential buyers to the raffle table.

Then, host one final event where you choose the winning ticket. Someone could walk away with a new home for $100, and you could walk away with some serious cash.

2. Offer A Test Drive

When you’re thinking about buying a car, it’s not the sappy commercial on the television or even the pictures on the manufacturer’s social media page that really sell you.

It’s all about the test drive.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with fast-moving home buyers, then we strongly suggest offering potential buyers a test drive of living in your house!

That way, they can see for themselves what it’s like to live there. They’ll know for sure if they can handle the street noise, if the size of the rooms is right for the lifestyle, and they might even start dreaming up some new design schemes.

So, if you need to sell your house in a hurry, book a weekend away at a nice hotel and offer to let your most interested buyers sleep in your home for one night each.

To sweeten the pot, make sure that your home is looking its best. Include a guide of things to do in the neighborhood, as well as information on which pieces of furniture you’re willing to throw into those with the best offer.

It isn’t just a great way to sell the house. Once again, it’s a smart way to get multiple offers.

3. Give Live Tours To Potential Home Buyers

You’ve likely heard a lot about the power of Facebook live this year. The new video marketing and social tool from Facebook allows you to live stream your daily activities.

However, it’s also a wonderful and creative way to give in-the-moment, easily accessible virtual tours of your home.

Remember that, when you’re trying to find home buyers quickly, you’re likely going to have to broaden your market if you want to close in under a month.

This means that there will be interested and competitive buyers that may not be able to drive from another state or even country in order to see your home in person.

Virtual Facebook live tours are the perfect solution.

Sure, you could hire a realtor to create an online listing for your home and give tours in person. But that’s just another expense you’ll have to deal with. Plus, no one knows the features, location benefits, and even the history of your home as well as you do.

Even better?

Those watching can type in questions in real time, so you can respond to their inquiries as soon as they have them. You can invite interested buyers to message you on Facebook with their offers.

Usually, this means you’ll have a chance to field multiple bids at once!

4. Work With Us To Sell Your House Fast

While all the tips on this list will certainly help you to attract home buyers that are ready to move quickly, sometimes you just don’t have the time to put them into practice.

Don’t panic. Instead, pick up the phone and get in touch with our team at Sacramento Real Estate. We’ll purchase your home “as is,” and we even offer a complimentary consultation so that you can learn more about what we have to offer.

Working with us means that you won’t have to waste time and money dealing with costly repairs, exhaustive deep-cleans, or even waiting to get approval from a bank or loan provider.

In short, whatever the reason for your sudden move, we’re here to help make it possible — and stress-free.

Ready to close your home in 30 days or less?

If so, get in touch with us and get an offer.