Are you hoping to get fast cash for the sale of your house?

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to be prepared to strike while the iron is hot.

Your best opportunity for selling your home often occurs during the first month that it hits the market. In September of this year, the national average length of time for a house to be on the market was 34 days.

Experts in the industry advise that you should aim to sell within the first ten days, according to CNBC News. Otherwise, they warn that you could face a challenge.

Some even suggest that if you haven’t found a buyer after two weeks, it may be best to consider relisting at a later date.

If this strikes you as unthinkable, don’t despair.

For those ready to sell a home as quickly as possible, there are ways to improve the chance of closing a deal in a hurry.

Tips for a Fast Cash Sale

As it turns out, selling your home is based on a lot more than location, location, location, contrary to what you might have heard.

There are several things that can speed the process along. But, timing is of the essence. Make sure you don’t miss your opportunity for a quick sale by following these recommendations.

1. Make Sure The Price Is Right From the Start

Many sellers overprice their home when they first put it on the market, with the belief that it can be lowered as necessary.

Unfortunately, this plan often backfires. When homes sit on the market, they become stale and receive less traffic and visibility as time passes. So, by the time a seller lowers an overpriced home, they have lost their place in the competition.

Another problem sellers face when they decide to lower the value is buyer’s confusion. Some buyers will notice the lower price and decide that the home may not be worth the lowered amount. They may feel like they were deceived initially by its worth and that it could happen again.

Avoid making this mistake by checking out the prices of recently sold homes in your area that are in similar condition.

If you know from the beginning that you are willing to lower the price dramatically so that it sells, then consider starting with a price closer to what you would accept. By listing your home as a value initially, you are more likely to draw attention and hasten the sale.

2. When in Doubt, Don’t Hold Out

When sellers receive an offer within the first week or two, even if it is something they would consider, they often feel like they might get a better offer if they hold out longer. Meanwhile, your home’s place on the market is losing steam with each passing day.

Before you list your house, decide on the minimum amount that you would accept. Then, when you do get an offer that is at least as much as you have in mind, don’t fall into the trap of self-negotiation.

Holding out for a higher return can mean that you end up without a buyer.

There’s the chance that you won’t receive any additional offers. But, there is also the chance that the potential buyer will move on to place their offer elsewhere. By the time that you decide to accept their offer, it may no longer be on the table.

3. Watch Out for Scams

Don’t get in such a hurry to sell your home for fast cash that you fall prey to a cash-buying scam.

Know the warning signs to watch out for when accepting cash offers. These include:

  • Buyer requests cash refund on their check payment
  • Buyer agrees to purchase, sight unseen
  • Buyer communicates without speaking to you directly
  • Buyer offers a hassle-free purchase without negotiating

If you sense that you are being lured into a suspicious sale, don’t be afraid to ask the buyer to meet certain requirements. It’s better to make requests before you get taken for a ride, then to deal with the repercussions.

When your instinct points to fraud, it may be best to consult with your local law enforcement who may be familiar with the buyer, or the buyer’s tactics.

4. Know What’s Expected Prior to Closing

Fast cash offers are usually less time consuming because there is no buyer appraisal, credit, loan underwriting or other time-consuming requirements necessary. However, there still may be costs expected of the seller.

If closing time approaches, and you are not prepared to pay any the expected seller costs, it could cost you the sale. Instead, review in detail what is expected of you by the buyer and any agents involved.

Some of the potential costs for the seller include inspection and appraisal fees, seller rental fees, any previous payments negotiated, commission costs, and insurance premiums. Your specific situation may include other types of costs or fees so make sure that you are prepared by consulting with all parties involved.

5. Consider Contacting a Non-Traditional Cash Buyer

If you don’t have time or money to waste showing your home, performing repairs, and entertaining shaky offers, then consider contacting a fast cash buyer.

Currently, there is a company who is offering to pay cash for a home and offer a guaranteed process lasting no longer than 30 days. Plus, representatives of the “Sell Your House Fast Campaign” are willing to negotiate with sellers whose homes may not be in the condition required by traditional buyers.

If your home needs extensive work, they may still be the buyer you’re looking for.

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