(Sacramento, CA) Sell Your House Fast Sacramento has launched a new campaign to purchase houses “as is” and reduce the stress of viewings, repairs and wasted months that occur in traditional home sales. This new initiative is helping residents throughout the Sacramento area sell your house fast. There’s no extended wait, no lengthy inspections, and no hassle.

According to Sell Your House Fast Sacramento representative, Christian Rooney, “Our goal is to connect local investors in Sacramento with those looking to sell homes. With our help, you can receive cash offers for your home.”

This real estate company is unique to others in the area. There is no need to wait months or longer to finalize a sale. Not only does this company sell your house as is, they also ensure only fair offers are presented. In addition to real estate agents available to provide free consultations, Sacramento Real Estate also has a comprehensive website explaining the services and process offered.

“At Sell Your House Fast, we buy houses – all houses, of any type. If you are searching for a way to sell your home quickly, then we have the ideal solution,” added Rooney. “We purchase homes for cash, we are willing to purchase ugly homes “as is.” You don’t have to worry about repairing, cleaning or painting the structure before selling. You also don’t have to wait for loan or bank approval. We will have the sale completed and closed in 30 days or less.”

The real estate market in Sacramento is booming. The trends for this area indicate an increase of seven percent in median home sales over the past 12 months, with the price per square foot also going up steadily. This makes now the ideal time to consider selling.

Sell Your House Fast makes it easy to sell a home even if it is a bit rough around the edges. Interested homeowners can visit the website to learn more about the process used and what they can expect to receive for their home. Scheduling a free consultation is the best way to know the specifics of the services offered.


At Sell Your Home Fast Sacramento home sellers can be automatically linked with real estate investors who are interested in buying less than perfect properties. In fact, this company has a reputation for buying ugly houses and closing the deal in 30 days or less. Anyone interested in selling their home in Sacramento can do so with less stress by utilizing the services of Sell Your Home Fast.