Selling your home can be difficult in today’s rough housing market. Although it isn’t as hard as it was ten years ago, it is still a challenge. At times, it makes you want to scream, “Buy my home already!”

To compete in today’s housing market, you need to make your home as appealing as possible.

A house is an expensive, decades-long investment. You need to convince buyers that your home is worth the money as well as the wait.

Then How Do I Guarantee That Someone Will Buy My Home?

There is no sure-fire way to guarantee that someone will buy your home.

However, you have several opportunities to leave potential buyers with a good impression of your house.

The better the impression, the more likely a buyer will call you back with an offer.

Let’s review some of those opportunities below.

Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

A house’s curb appeal is how it appears from the sidewalk or street.

Take a walk outside. Stand in front of your house. Imagine this is the first time you’ve seen it.

Does it impress you?

Your house’s curb appeal is important. It gives potential buyers their first impression of your house.

If your home’s curb appeal is less than spectacular, you should take the necessary steps to improve it immediately.

Take the time to mow and water your lawn periodically. Use weed killer to remove unsightly clumps of weeds.

Remove all unnecessary lawn ornaments except a select, elegant few. If your lawn is left looking a bit barren, add a few flowers. You might also consider removing all porch accessories.

Finally, check your house’s exterior paint or siding. Give it a wash-down or add a new coat if necessary.

Make Repairs

Home repairs are a costly investment. The average cost of a kitchen remodeling ranges from $25,000 to $50,000.

In other words, you could buy a car for the price of a kitchen makeover.

For that reason, buyers are on the lookout for any telltale signs of necessary repairs. They will likely ask to run water out of all faucets, test all electronics, and check all ceilings prior to making a decision.

You should anticipate this request by testing everything yourself.

Doing a thorough test will help you identify and address any potential problems.

If you do need to invest in some repairs, be aware that those repairs don’t add value to your home.

As such, you should not add the cost of the repairs to your asking price.

Remove Personal Effects

Nothing says, “Don’t buy my home!” like leaving all of your personal effects in the house.

When buyers are shopping for a house, they look for a house where they can imagine their family living.

Seeing a bunch of your personal effects gets in the way of their imagination.

Additionally, too many personal effects can make a home look cluttered or messy.

Prior to a showing, be sure to pack away as many personal effects as possible.

If you already have a new house, move all of them to your new home. If you don’t, neatly pack them in storage bins in the garage or another discrete area of the house.

Remove Pets

Your furry babies are cute, cuddly, and friendly. How could any home buyer say, “No!” to their precious faces?

Actually, many can and do — and for good reason.

To home buyers, the presence of animals is synonymous with damage.

Pets tend to claw, chew, and leave waste all over their homes. For that reason, home buyers question whether or not you’re hiding damage marks or stains when they see your pets.

Of course, you’re not about to get rid of your little ones just because you’re selling your house. However, you should consider keeping them elsewhere.

If you don’t already have a new house, consider keeping them at a friend’s or relative’s home. Another option is keeping them in a kennel.

Show Rooms As They’re Meant To Be Seen

Many people don’t use rooms as they’re meant to be used.

For example, some homeowners don’t use the dining room for dining. Why would you when you already have plenty of room in your kitchen?

When a room isn’t used for anything specific, it tends to become storage space.

Home buyers don’t want to see storage space. They want to see living space.

Take care to arrange all rooms as they’re meant to be seen prior to all showings.

Include appropriate, matching pieces of furniture and decoration.

For inspiration, check out your local home supplies store. They usually have room demos available.

You can also look up inspiration online.

Be Available

Standard business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. As such, most potential buyers will be available for viewings outside of that timeframe.

To meet their needs, you need to make yourself — and your house — available when they’re available.

Be prepared to conduct showings during the evenings and on weekends.

If you aren’t, you’ll lose a lot of potential buyers.

Hit Every Listing Opportunity

Many sellers think that selling their house entails putting out a “For Sale” sign and waiting for the calls to roll in.

The “For Sale” sign is only one of several portals you should hit while selling your house.

List your house for sale in the local newspapers. Make sure you have an ad on all popular sales websites, including Craigslist.

Include a short description of your home. Make it sound appealing, but don’t overdo it. Buyers will be turned off by anything that desperately screams, “Buy my home, please!”

Professional photos are a must for every listing. Be sure to hire a professional photographer to take photos of all points of interest inside and outside your house.

Additionally, reach out to local realtors and real estate agents. Facilitating house sales is their business. They’ll know which direction to point you in.

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