The average house sits on the market for about 65 days before someone buys it, but what if you need to sell your house faster than that?

It’s hard to control the sale time of your house, but there are a lot of things you can do to attract buyers and get them interested fast.

Take a look at these eight tips that will help you make a quick house sale.

1. Price Your Home Right from the Very Beginning

If you price your house too low, you’re going to lose money. If you price your house to high, people aren’t going to buy it. In order to make a quick house sale, you need to find a price that’s not too low or too high.

Do your research. Find out what other houses in the area are selling for before you decide on your final price. You can also get opinions from a real estate agent. They’ll have a better idea of what your house is worth.

If you need to sell your house on a tight deadline, and if you have a bit of bravery, you can cut 15% to 20% off the sale price right at the beginning. It may sound risky, but the lower price will attract a long list of buyers. Usually, they will have to outbid each other, and you’ll get that 20% back in the end.

Do everything you can to avoid your house sitting on the market. If it takes a long time to sell, people will start to think there’s something wrong with it.

2. Hire a Good Real Estate Agent

This is the person will help you find the right price for your house, get it in good selling condition, and sell your house as quick as possible.

A lot of people try to sell their houses on their own because they believe a real estate agent will drain a lot of their money. A good real estate agent can help you save money.

They get a commission from the sale of the house, so they are just as motivated to find a good sale price and get it sold fast. They’ll also be able to see your house through a new set of eyes and point out upgrades you may not have noticed.

Always check a real estate agent’s reviews before you hire to make sure they’re good at what they do.

3. Get Rid of Your Stuff

People are looking for empty spaces and a lot of storage space when they’re house shopping.

Shoppers walking through your house will open your closets. Disorganized or full closets don’t look nice, and they make your storage space look smaller.

When you’re selling your house, you should gather up at least half of your stuff and put it into storage. Only keep a few things in your closets and make sure they’re organized. Pick up toys and other items that never had a set place in the house and get them out.

This will make your whole house look less cluttered, brighter, and bigger. If you chose a portable storage unit, you can take it with you just how it is when you move.

4. Remove Personal Items

A potential buyer will have a hard time imagining their life in your house if all they can see are your personalized touches.

Some of the things that should go into the storage unit are family pictures. Things like art, weird shades of paint, or wallpaper will distract from the house. The best way to highlight the house is to show as much of the house as possible, which may include painting light, neutral colors over the walls.

Removing your personal items from the house lets buyers envision where their own personal items will go and can make a quick house sale.

5. Make Small Upgrades That Make a Difference

People who make the right upgrades to their house usually get their money back when they sell. People who go over the top with remodels usually don’t.

Even if your house is outdated, focus on upgrading the things that will really make a difference. The two rooms buyers care the most about are the kitchen and the bathroom, and these are the rooms you’ll get the highest return on investment.

Fix things like old faucets, replace the lights, or buy new hand towels. These upgrades are relatively inexpensive, but they can make the rooms look new and fresh.

6. Light Up Your House

You should replace the lights with stronger light bulbs. Take any thick curtains off the windows that block natural light from coming in or trim bushes that block the sun from outside.

You can also brighten the house with a fresh coat of light paint, like a white or light grey.

Dark homes feel sad and small. One way to get a quick house sale is to open up the space with light.

7. Spend Time on Your Curb Appeal

The outside of your house is what people are going to see first. Whether they drive to your house in person or look at pictures of your house online, they won’t bother looking inside if the outside is a mess.

Your yard is your first impression, so make sure the lawn is cut, the bushes are green, and the flowers are bright. Any dying plants should be removed and replaced.

If your house is looking a little drab from the outside, repaint it. Polish the doorknobs. Put garden lights along the walkway. A good first impression lets you make a quick house sale.

8. Pick the Right Time to Sell

Most people buy new houses in the spring or summer, so those are the best times to make a quick house sale.

If you can wait until those months to sell your house, you’ll have more interested buyers. But there will also be more houses available, so make sure your house is in good shape.

Do What it Takes to Get a Quick House Sale

The hardest part of selling your house quickly is keeping it clean and ready to show off every day. You have to be prepared for anyone to stop by your house at any time, and it can take some work. But the work is worth it to keep your house from sitting on the market for months.

Need to sell your house fast? Contact us and we can help you move forward!